Avocado Strawberry Protein Smoothie I have had so much beautiful produce in my refrigerator lately that I have been inspired to create new smoothie recipes. Because this is a keto recipe, you cannot just use any milk you’d like. Believe or not, avocado is actuarially a fruit! (Liquid options: almond milk, dairy milk, water, coconut water.). 350g (12.3oz) strawberries 2 medium avocados (160g, 5.6oz with peel) 1 big banana (219g, 7.7oz with peel) 1 tbsp lemon juice (optional) Adding protein powder is a good idea! If you visit amazon.com and purchase something, we earn a commission off sales, at no additional cost to you. Avocado Strawberry Protein Smoothie. I hope you enjoyed the smoothie overall. Optional: If too thick, add a little liquid at a time until desired consistency. Try this healthy avocado strawberry smoothie recipe for breakfast or a quick snack. The fruit is packed full of healthy fats while being very low in carbs. Healthy delicious berries, creamy luscious avocado and mouth-watering Vanilla Nutracelle make for a PERFECT smoothie recipe! This simple smoothie recipe tastes great and is so easy. Just 3 ingredients. The Best Green Smoothie Bowl — The Balanced Berry. Lime in the Coconut Green Smoothie — FitLiving 150g strawberry , halved. Strawberries help protect against rheumatoid arthritis and have anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties. It’s even better if it’s healthy, quick, and easy! It’s just a blend of frozen strawberries, avocado, coconut milk, lime, stevia, and ice. Nice combination of healthy fruits and veg, I will make one right now. Other than assembling a blanket fort and watching Netflix, what brightens up my day is making and eating (that’s the best part) food and drinks. This smoothie is very low in calories, but it contains additional protein from the avocado as … Substitute the almond milk with a different milk of your choice if you like. So it's totally right to make avocado smoothie! This Avocado & Strawberry Smoothie is one of my favorite smoothie recipes to make when I have a busy day and don’t have time to prepare a traditional breakfast. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases if you purchase through these links at no additional cost to you. I probably had the blender on a lot longer than needed. Pear Ginger Lime Green Smoothie — In It 4 The Long Run. Avocado is an ingredient I have used only in recipes such as guacamole, turkey wraps, BLT’s, or my cobb mason jar salad. https://recipes.sparkpeople.com/recipe-detail.asp?recipe=223778 Towards the end of the week, my once beautifully-stocked fridge looks a bit sad and empty, and I find myself making some creative meals and smoothies. Pour smoothie into 2 – 20 oz. This can add […] Good-for-your-Gut Green Smoothie — The Blissful Balance. But because I am a food blogger and I follow other food blogs and spend time searching pinterest I have come across people using avocado in smoothies. This smoothie sounds absolutely delicious – I wouldn’t have thought to pair strawberry and avocado but it sure sounds perfectly refreshing. This refreshing green smoothie features fresh strawberries and avocado that will give you a healthy energy boost for the day! Required fields are marked *. An avocado and strawberry smoothie with orange juice, vanilla yogurt, honey and flaxseed. I share easy recipes using fresh, seasonal ingredients that are big on flavour and (mostly) healthy. Blend avocado, orange juice, vanilla yogurt, ice cubes, strawberries, honey, and flax seed meal together in a blender until smooth, at least 45 seconds. (Liquid options: almond … exquisitely.meexquisitely.me