hayh250fdp. Some types you can plug in, which is handy for storage and winterizing. Traditional above ground electric resistance pool heaters have a COP of 1.0. Therefore, the minimum size heater that is recommended for a 15 x 30 pool is 150,000 BTUs. Next, you’ll multiply the surface area of your pool by the temperature rise. Sold separately under item number B01FNE41HA, One 28 inch by 20-foot polypropylene solar panel tube, Compatible with in- and above-ground pools, Uses solar power only, so it’s energy efficient with no utilities cost, Can place on your roof or on the pool deck, Easy to set up (stretch them out and connect to pool inlets/outlets), Might need a diverter kit for pumps above .5 HP, You may need an extra kit depending on your heating needs, Suitable for pools up to 7,500 gallons in coastal climates, Maximum temperature setting is 99 degrees, Plumbing adapters are not a standard size, Lightweight - Lightest heater in its class, Compact Design - Ideal for retro-fit installation, Lower operating costs - 84% efficiency rating - rated 1st in its class for highest energy efficiency, Rustproof Housing Sleek, matte black enclosure is made of Dura-Glass - an exclusive Sta-Rite material that handles the heat and weathers the elements, Custom or Retrofit - Direct-connects to Sta-Rite System:3 Mod Media filter or easily fits other systems, Dura-glass enclosure to resist heat/elements, Not compatible with all Sta-Rite system components. Here we’ll look at the best pool heaters available—and how to find the right one for your needs. In general, electric pool heaters are eco-friendly, emit zero emissions, are not greatly affected by temperature or weather, conveniently turn on and off, heat quickly and efficiently year-round. One potential pitfall is how heavy this unit is, weighing in at 250 pounds. A 400,000 btu pool heater is ideal for pools over 40,000 gallons. Whether you need a remodel, a new pool, or just some maintenance help, HomeAdvisor will find the best professional for the job. While gas-powered models are cheaper to buy, they are more expensive to run. For this reason, you should opt for energy-efficient models. Many propane heaters also offer high efficiency, which could save you more on energy costs. Raypak E3T Digital Pool Electric Heater | 27kW 92,128 BTU | Titanium Heat Element | 240V | ELS-R-0027-1-T1 017124 ELS-M-0027-1-TI 017128 $ 1,575.00. They can be your best choice when you live in an area that does not experience weather extremes. They use electricity entirely to pull cold water in, heat the resistor over which the water is warmed, and return the warmed water to your pool. Another important factor to consider is maintenance costs and efficiency. Plus, some panels won’t stand up to weathering year after year. A large spa that is a 1,000 - 2,000 gallons can do just fine with a 125,000 BTU rated heater, which will be about a 45 minute – 1.5 hour heat up time depending on your location. Of course, an existing natural gas line with easy access is preferable. [ ] Select to Compare. They do not depend on sunlight as do solar pool heaters, or negatively respond to extreme temperatures as gas pool heaters do. Of course, this is only an issue at the time of delivery and installation. Electric pool heaters and heat pumps require a relatively low initial investment. Electric heaters are smaller in comparison, designed for lower volume pools but aren't ideal for heating a pool larger than 15,000 gallons. Whether you lay the panels flat on your lawn, pool deck, or affix them to the roof, wherever they receive direct sunlight, they’ll warm the pool water. The refrigerant goes through a compressor into the condenser where the pool water is heated. The digital heat pump pool heater can be easily controlled by most two-wire and three-wire remote systems. The Hayward H400FDN is the perfect heater for a big pool. Continuing the example above with the 15 x 30 pool, after dividing by 3, you get 150. Whether you want a gas, electric or solar pool heater, choosing the correct size heater for your pool is important. Geothermal water-source heat pumps that get and transfer heat from a consistent, renewable energy source that does not rely on ambient air temperatures may have a COP as high as 5.0 (500% efficiency). The H400FDN design is like other Hayward product designs. Pool heaters range from under 20 pounds to over 200, and we’ve listed a range of sizes and configurations to serve each pool owner’s needs. Depending on the type of pool you have, the weight and construction of your pool heater might be significant. Currently Propane runs about $2.50 per gallon, propane prices do fluctuate so keep an eye on this website updating the National Average Cost of Propane. The cleanly designed Hayward CSPAXI11 electric spa heater is a compact and efficient, feature-loaded, 11Kw electric pool/spa heater that may be installed either above ground or in-ground. However, … Designed to extend the usable season for your pool or spa or even provide year-round comfort, Rheem ® pool heaters are unmatched in features and benefits. Installation and (annual) maintenance is essential for achieving peak efficiency and should always be performed by a professional knowledgeable in swimming pool electrical equipment. The pool water is heated as it passes over the coil and returns into the pool. For more solar recommendations, read my full guide on solar pool heaters. Pentair’s unit holds a certification of low nitrogen oxide emissions, which answers consumers’ safety concerns. You can figure about 1 gallon per hour per 100,000 BTU’s to operate a propane pool heater. It is a quality heater that features temperature and flow control of the exchanger to minimize condensation. For rapid comfort, we offer the Universal solution. Many electric heat pumps also allow you to cool the water as well as warm it. The 175,000-Btu heater would take 28.45 hours to accomplish what the 207,500 Btu heater can do in only 24 hours. Heat pump compressors increase the heat, that creates hot gases that warm the water in the condenser.