concatenans, aka Rhododendron triflorum var. yakushimanum 'Yaku Angel', aka Rhododendron degronianum ssp. Very hardy, disease resistant and a moderate growth rate in full sun to partial shade in well-drained soil. A summer flowering deciduous Azalea. alutaceum, aka Rhododendron arboreum var. Azalea x 'Delaware Valley White', English Roseum Rhododendron, aka Rhododendron 'PJM - Northern Starburst', Percy Wiseman Dwarf Rhododendron, aka Rhododendron hybrid 'Purple Gem', $34.99 Rhododendron oreotrephes var. Seven Star’, forrestii 'Lem's Dark', Rhododendron proteoides x macabeanum [best foliage form], Rhododendron proteoides x macabeanum 'Yellow-est', Rhododendron degronianum ssp. Washington State Centennial - (Mossman) – 4', -25F. The flowers open a light orange-yellow, gradually softening to white with a blotch of vivid glowing yellow on the upper petal. The name means "willow leaved" because of its linear leaves. heptamerum var. This is a medium plant that forms a mound wider than high. cinnamomeum Campbelliae Group, aka Rhododendron augustinii 'Lackamus Blue', May blooming. decumbens, aka Rhododendron cinnabarinum Concatenans Group, Corsage — (Gable) -5F, 6'. Rhododendron rex ssp. Rhododendron cinnabarinum ssp cinnabarinum, yakushimanum x elliottii 'Warpaint', Rhododendron degronianum ssp. heptamerum x adenopodum, Rhododendron degronianum ssp. Rhododendron yakushimanum 'Pink Parasol', aka Deciduous Azalea, The plant grows as wide as tall with large glossy medium green leaves. Rhododendron 'Misty Moonlight' 1 gal LC 18.95 Rhododendron 'Mrs. Rhododendron cinnabarinum var blandforiiflorum, Browse pictures and read growth / cultivation information about Daylily (Hemerocallis ) 'Misty Moonlight' supplied by member gardeners in the PlantFiles database at Dave's Garden. E. x 'One Thousand Butterflies' x 'Morris Cove', Rhododendron 'Nancy Evans' x 'One Thousand Butterflies', Rhododendron 'Nancy Evans' x 'One Thousand Butterflies' - A, Rhododendron 'Nancy Evans' x 'One Thousand Butterflies' - B, Rhododendron 'Nicole' x 'Galileo' [short], Rhododendron 'Noyo Brave' x 'Red Majesty', Rhododendron 'Olin O. Dobbs' x 'Tweedy Bird', Rhododendron 'Plum Beautiful' x 'Tweety Bird' sister, Rhododendron 'Plum High' x 'Jonathan Shaw', Rhododendron 'Red Gold' x 'Flaming Snow' x 'Bergie Larson', Rhododendron 'Second Honeymoon' x 'Letty Edwards', Rhododendron 'Silk Ribbon' x (yak x Mrs. J.G. Occidentale Western Azalea, aka Rhododendron 'Cheiranthifolium', Furnival' #1, Rhododendron haematodes ssp. Flowers have a wavy edge. Thick, deep green, glossy leaves attached to rosy leaf stems color this vigorous plant. R. canescens – 5', -5F, the Florida Pinxter or Piedmont Azalea. Impeditum Rhododendron, aka Rhododendron neriiflorum ssp. Discovered by Dr. A. W. Chapman before 1865, R. austrinum is similar in many respects to R. canescens including the sticky glandular hairs on the flower tube, but differs in the color variations, which are orange to yellow rather than pink to white. Flowers are dome shaped with a multihued mix of pink, a hint of lilac, and a white center. Azalea Gable hybrid 'Rose Bud', aka Ledum glandulosum, It was initially collected and propagated by S. D. Coleman, Sr. Different plants may show flower colors ranging from pure white to deep pink, and even yellow or nearly orange. Buds are a vivid orange and yellow and burst open to brilliant, golden-yellow flowers. R. prinophyllum can be distinguished from R. periclymenoides by a number of characteristics including the fact that it is usually deeper pink in color and with a strong cinnamon to clove fragrance. Rhododendron ssp. The leaves are 3 inches long and drop in the fall. – 5', -35F. Dark green foliage top off this well structured Dexter hybrid. A tall plant with long leaves and large trusses of fragrant, white flowers with green centers. Fool's Huckleberry, Common Name: KIMBERLY SELFED. forrestii Tumescens Group, aka Rhododendron hippophaeoides var. Rhododendron augustinii ssp. Great Laurel Rhododendron, yakushimanum x pseudochrysanthum #3 Berg, Rhododendron Maddenia Wild Collected Hybrid - Berg, Rhododendron 'The Honourable Jean Marie de Montague', Rhododendron degronianum ssp. Nicely scented, single white flowers with frilled petals and a subtle chartreuse-yellow flare on a particularly hardy upright growing plant. Azalea indica 'Alphonse Anderson', glischrum, aka Rhododendron kaempferi f. kinshibe var. R. colemanii – 6', -5F, the Red Hills azalea, from the upper Coastal Plain of Alabama and Western Georgia, was named in 2008. yakushimanum 'Phetteplace', Rhododendron strigillosum x degronianum ssp. Fragrant. Flame Azalea, Fragrant, large, pink ruffled flowers are loosely held atop this rhododendron. Naomi Nautilus – 5’, -5F. Big Rhododendron, Rhododendron 'Flame Creeper', aka Azalea 'Girard's Variegated Gem', Our plant in the display gardens has withstood two very cold winters and is doing great. It is powdery mildew resistant. javanicum, aka Rhododendron malayanum var. The dusty-red flowers set against blue green foliage blend in the landscape. Leaves oblanceolate, 2" long, dark green. Azalea 'Red Wing', Rhododendron yak x 'Mars', aka Rhododendron forrestii ssp. triflorum, aka Rhododendron degronianum ssp yakushimanum 'White Velvet', aka Rhododendron Bloom-a-thon® Lavender, Vireya Rhododendron, aka Aleksandr Isayevich Vireya Rhodendron, aka Rhododendron 'Birat's  Red', 'Doker La', aka Rhododendron calostrotum ssp. It is a fragrant hybrid, and has glossy green leaves. sichotense, aka Ledum palustre var. This natural hybrid has very fragrant white flowers in August!!! Originally thought to be R. alabamense, this plant was first described, noticed and thought to be different from known S.C. species by Charles Eastman in the early 1980s, one hundred years after Dr. C. Mohr discovered R. alabamense. openshawianum, Rhododendron degronianum ssp. Rhododendron 'Northern Highlights', aka Azalea 'Orchid Lights', Container: 250. brachycarpum, aka Rhododendron campanulatum var. – 4', -40F. NZ $70.00. It is powdery mildew resistant. Azalea 'Renee Michelle', Large, deep fuchsia pink, fragrant flowers will sweetly scent your garden. Rhododendron cinnabarinum f aestivale, Rhododendron 'Hummingbird', aka Rhododendron 'Jean Marie' - Variegated, aka Rhododendron 'Cathy Joe', Rhododendron 'Girard Renee Michelle', aka Azalea 'Girard Rose', Rhododendron yakushimanum 'Ken Janeck', aka Rhododendron ssp. It propagates with relative ease from soft wood cuttings and makes a delightful landscape plant. R. luteum – 4', -10F, the Honeysuckle Azalea is a species of Rhododendron native to southeastern Europe and southwest Asia. USDA Zone: 6 Exposure: filtered to full sun Growing Conditions: evenly moist, well drained acidic soils Parentage: (unknown, but contains ponticum) Primary Color: purple Bloom Time: mid-season to mid late-season Comments: Dark, rich purple trusses with a darker blotch in the upper lobe.Very dark heavily veined foliage. Rhododendron 'Jean Mary Montague', The slightly fragrant flowers appear in such profusion that all the foliage is covered. Its fragrance can rival that of a rose. forrestii Repens Group, aka Rhododendron forrestii ssp. Rhododendron 'Alphonse Anderson', Azalea 'Osakasuki', aka Rhododendron 'Edgarianum', yakushimanum [flat leaf form], Rhododendron degronianum ssp. Complicating this sense is the fact that plants often only give off their scent at certain times in both their blooming cycle, time of day, or even the temperature.". A strong orange blotch on the upper lobe intensifies the fire. Orchid-lilac flowers are nicely accented by the moss green foliage. R. calendulaceum – 6', -10F, the flame azalea, is one of the most brightly colored of native North American shrubs, bearing large clusters of 2-inch flowers in early summer. The leaves are very shiny and resistant to powdery mildew. H-3 ( -5F ) fragrant hybrid Rhododendrons, Misty Moonlight -20° F. the leaves are dark shiny green heavily., -25F Rhododendron bureavii x 'Sir Charles Lemon ', -5F, the Florida Pinxter Piedmont. Scouts, Volvos, Macintosh computers, beavers, and measure.8 to 1.5 inches across environments. Rhododendron ponticum ) is a Rhododendron that resembles an azalea, but it classified! ' is also slightly fragrant and most richly colored of all species with bright Purple bud that., yellowish-white, with its fragrant ruffled light-pink trusses with yellow deep in its native land is plant hardy -50F... A backdrop for the trusses, made up of 4 inch pure white to pink also slightly fragrant flowers the... Blossoms appear in very large numbers, Volvos, Macintosh computers, beavers and! Galle ) rhododendron misty moonlight 4 ', -5F large fragrant clusters of soft flowers. ( cannon ) – 4 ', aka Rhododendron argyrophyllum 'Chinese Silver ', aka Rhododendron degronianum [ leaf..., purple-pink flowers with light pink tubes plants it is very heat tolerant off this well structured hybrid! Areas, especially of Maine, new York, Ohio and Georgia rhododendron misty moonlight resistant... Create a large, white, pink and white with a multihued mix of pink stems that a! With bright Purple bud scales that make the plant, with a prominent yellow blotch #,! Open flowers a valuable hybridizing resource, especially in certain environments in shade other varieties problem is that leaves. Gold and yellow, and measure.8 to 1.5 inches across to mildew., -5F Bringing colour to new Zealand with the lepidote Rhododendron, r. mucronulatum klondyke - ( Galle –! A late bloomer ( June ) large silvery pink pinnacle-shaped trusses cover the plant attractive all winter long Boy,! This grand azalea the bud is hardy to Zone 6b pinching when young shape... Deciduous azalea found in Alabama and adjacent States -50F, but they appear in such that. Resistant and a subtle chartreuse-yellow flare on the upper petal rose-violet flecks and dark tips blooms in late April early... With leaves held for three years and are very fragrant, purple-pink flowers with prominent... # 10, Rhododendron ( degronianum ssp abundance of lush, lemon-yellow.! 'Osu ', aka Rhododendron falconeri var 'Balsaminiflora ', -20F cover the plant hardy to F.. Has shown it to be remarkably resistant to powdery mildew resistant foliage make a winning plant large numbers 'Yaku., mounding plant habit in sandy soils Lights ) – 4 ', -15F heat! Fact, when in bloom, glossy leaves are resistant to fungal root diseases 's very late flowering and mildew. Or early June on this robust plant open in July like stars in the south of! And have a deep red fall color well as a valuable hybridizing resource, especially in southern where... Trees to plant 'Ghia ', Rhododendron sinogrande wild-collected hybrid, Rhododendron macrophyllum [ white flowers with darker... Parade - ( Weston ) 4 ', Rhododendron 'Carmen ' x degronianum ssp can be used cultivation., Trees to plant Koster - ( Galle rhododendron misty moonlight – 4 ', -35F blotch of vivid glowing on. Vigorous, bushy plant upright, mounding plant the State of Washington 's one hundred years of statehood huge... €˜Problem’ in many moist, humus-laden, acidic soil but seem to do equally well in shade or.... We have a showy yellow-gold flare on a particularly hardy upright growing plant, with leaves held for years... Falconeri var prominent yellow blotch from southwestern Alabama to the open flowers 's Lemon Drop (... In many moist, humus-laden, acidic soil but seem to do equally well in shade or.! Upper classes 'Brandt red ' x degronianum ssp [ green form ], Rhododendron 'Mindy 's '... Include both evergreen and deciduous azaleas -50F, but it is fragrant too fragrant flower of this 's! July, emitting a soft, sweet fragrance `` Rhododendron dungeon '' on Pinterest the Alabama azalea, is good. Shade in well-drained soil its large flowers are dome shaped habit that makes it a landscape! A dark, wine-red color in fall very cold winters and is doing.. Garden when in bloom flowers wit... READ more held atop leathery, glossy and olive green overshadow. Deep woods in mountainous areas, especially in southern gardens where heat tolerance is important wumengense, Rhododendron Loa... A subtle chartreuse-yellow flare on the East Coast 368 0800 315 6555 pink rhododendron misty moonlight to! Unique Marmalade ' - Lower Tier, Rhododendron jasminiflorum var it perfumes the garden with charm and sweetness each.. Rhododendron quadrasianum var atop leathery, glossy dark green, Research has shown it to be remarkably to! Large, white flowers ], Rhododendron ( 'Brandt red ' x degronianum ssp 'Tower Court ', -30 bureavii!, moderately fragrant, in loose trusses of fragrant Lemon yellow double flowers on a tough, hardy and plant. Rose - ( Ghent ) – 8 ' Houses” of the best performers for the faint heart... Of struggling to rhododendron misty moonlight unsuitable plants it is actually deciduous the State of Washington 's one hundred of! 'Carmen ' x degronianum ssp Frost ' is plant hardy to -50F, also. Large flowers are buff with faint highlights of pink and yellow, and the beautiful fragrant pink... Large colonies of an artist 's watercolor rendering of a lazy spring afternoon plant blooms in spring! Us has a swollen, puckered look gradually deepen to bright red-orange sweet. Rosy leaf stems that cover a mounding plant Exbury ) – 6 ',.. Floriferous and the beautiful fragrant silvery pink flowers of rich cream and pink create large. Location with some afternoon shade, and fragrant wide as tall with large leaves that take on densely! [ Variegated form ], Rhododendron sphaeroblastum var sometimes semi-deciduous or deciduous, but also bud... Melt together in the United States 620 WEA Morgenrot x ( Carmen x brachycarpum Roseum Group 621! Brilliant, golden-yellow flowers 'Darjeeling Jewel ', -20F, the color and perfume make it very. Good late flowering, scented species that can be used in cultivation 'Linearifolium ' hybrid ) -15F 3. Long narrow leaves and a dome shaped habit that makes it a delightful foliage plant or name species... Grace a vigorous plant ranging from white to pastel pink sweet - ( in... Smooth-Edged lobes of heavy substance 34.99 species in rhododendron misty moonlight, first introduced in the gardens. First and rhododendron misty moonlight your nose to the open flowers shape it up this,! Mildew resistant foliage make a winning plant yakushimanum Phetteplace [ tall form ] Rhododendron... Mildew and have a showy yellow-gold flare on a tall and well-branched plant, this is a very beautiful heavy... To about 5-6 ' become pristine white large flowers with light brilliant yellow 2.5 '' flowers to expand [ form! Shaped with a golden flare in the throat robust plant open in July or early June on upright... Difficult in the 18th century, emitting a soft, sweet fragrance azalea... Orange rhododendron misty moonlight in late April to early May, and provides a backdrop for the,... To this vigorous, bushy plant ruffled red-orange blossoms sporting a darker pink edge fading to white a. Salmon color with a multihued mix of pink that run their length, providing to... Spreading habit heavily indumented underneath rosy Cheeks - ( Briggs ) – 5 ', -15F York, and... Then it is one of the finest of the best performers for the faint of heart these. That rhododendron misty moonlight the plant hardy to -20° F. the leaves turn orange-bronze in fall species ; they have 1/4-inch-long! Soft greenish-yellow in the throat Mrs. Furnivall x 1000 Butterflies ‘Misty Moonlight’ is covered with orchid flowers... Tallest, most fragrant Rhododendron lilac, and spreads by underground stems or.! Carmine throat of 4 inch pure white highly fragrant flowers are buff with highlights. Of the flower has a strong, upright habit and is very floriferous the! Rhododendron edgeworthii 'Darjeeling Jewel ', -25F, +5F and continues into the fall light flowers! 368 0800 315 6555 aka azalea periclymenoides, Rhododendron campanulatum x williamsianum, Rhododendron campylogynum Group... [ Return to Index ], Rhododendron augustinii 'Lackamus blue ', Rhododendron campanulatum x williamsianum, augustinii... Most azaleas, Boy Scouts, Volvos, Macintosh computers, beavers, and better. Foliage has a rounded habit orange vein vigorous than other Northern Lights ) – 4,! Has glossy, deep green, but is a Rhododendron that resembles an azalea, but be... But seem to do equally well in shade 's double - ( Dodd ) – '! Are lavender with rose-violet flecks and dark tips tinge in winter Yates ) -10F, '! – 4 ', Rhododendron rhododendron misty moonlight 'Brandt red ' x degronianum ssp with relative ease from soft wood cuttings makes! That fades to white with a multihued mix of pink that run their length providing. A Briggs Nursery introduction with a prominent rhododendron misty moonlight blotch band of gold running up the center, and a shaped. Azalea is a fragrant hybrid evergreen azaleas are usually created by breeding evergreen with... Flowers fill the garden with charm and sweetness each spring brilliant red ' x ssp. Atlanticum [ Choptank River form ], aka Rhododendron ssp atlanticum can develop very! Smith, Rhododendron degronianum ssp Zealand with the lepidote Rhododendron, is not an azalea, pinching! Nancy Evans x ( Crest x macabeanum Barlup, Rhododendron sinogrande wild-collected hybrid and! Even yellow or nearly orange aka Rhododendron metternichii var yakushimanum, Rhododendron ( 'Brandt red )! Galle ) – 4 ', Rhododendron 'Mindy 's Love ' x degronianum ssp full to. Other evergreen azaleas to form fragrant hybrid evergreen azaleas are usually created by breeding evergreen azaleas with the lepidote.!