Do this twice. We have 3 small kids and the kitchen has held up great. Now we all stand tall with our sock covered hands held proudly and attempt to stain ALL the things. Thanks so much! This is fabulous…looks so easy and I'm a fraidy cat when it comes to painting and DIY, but I'm totally going to try. I love your blog, you know why?, because unlike many bloggers who post on DIY and never give many details (so we constantly have to ask in the comment section where did you buy this or that which is so annoying cos something they dont even answer back and i am thinking why the hell are you blogging?). You’ll put on a vinyl glove. This is really good info…thanks! Why does it have to be a men’s sock? Dry. First coat on and I am seriously giddy about how much better it looks already! Title: seemly mixed wood colors engineered hardwood planting sequoias Description: large size of top wood stain colors from duraseal by indianapolis hardwood wood filed under Via: (I am just getting into DIY starting with IKEA TARVA and RAST for my bedroom. LOVE THIS!!!! I hate the dark oak in my home. I have a project in mind now…. Found this tutorial through pintrest. I plan to do this on all my bathroom vanities – if it works well, maybe the kitchen, too! I can't wait till it's finished!! Cafe on Alder. Your blog gives me hope. Just wondering if showering will be a problem! The beautiful home we are buying for our expanding family comes with rich oak custom built cabinets. I want to give you a huge THANK YOU!! They said they cannot keep in stock. one coat down – so excited!! Thanks again! THANKS! With 3 coats you can still see the grain. Love that color.Holly. 5 days drying time! I am doing this when we move in. Thank you for sharing! Coarse will strip the varnish, medium will cause lots of scratches, so I went with fine grit. So I think you deserve a kick back from General Finish because your really keeping them in business!!!!!!!!!! Use our stain sample photos only as a guide and be sure to ask questions. I just KNEW there had to be a way to do this without completely removing the finish…but I didn't know what product to use. I have wood laminate floors everywhere that were once a beautiful color and now are so dated. Like right now. Thanks so much for the tutorial, I'm going to follow your footsteps and start with my bathrooms then tackle my kitchen. For the espresso stain, use Minwax Gel Stain in Red Elm. Question: which top coat did you use and is it a satin finish? Wipe away any sanding dust using a tack cloth and mineral spirits. And trust me, this stuff is oil based,  so it stains easily and quickly. What do you think? Yay! I just recieved a quote for $6200 to reface my cabinet boxes and get new doors. It sounded like the same brand as stain but I wasn't sure. Thanks for the tutorial! or does that poly seal keep it safe from water/steam? now I also love it for how it looks!! I had found celticmoon's tutorial before and had tried it and I never truly READ the tutorial but read the back of the can. Thanks!! I'm planning on doing my kitchen. I just found your tutorial and it's exactly what I'm looking for! Next week I plan to start the kitchen, even though it is a small kitchen, it feels like a monumental task. Apply first coat of stain using a foam brush, natural bristle brush, or rag. Maybe I'll start with a bathroom and spend the next year on the project. Can't wait to try in on some re-purposed dorm desks! Get it as soon as Wed, Dec 9. I have been wanting to darken up my oak-colored cabinets since we moved into our house 5 year ago!!! . just wondering if you sanded between the stain coats?!? Cannot wait! I am a first-time home owner and am SO happy I found your post! I'm moving to a new place in a little over a month *yay* and something definitely needs to be done to the kitchen cabinets! What surprised me the most was using the men's sock, brilliant idea! thank you again, you pretty much just saved my life (and poor hubs sanity) , Thank you so much for your post and detailed instructions! Because of your post, I redid my bathroom vanity in Antique Walnut and then I went ahead and stained all of my kitchen cabinets!! I hope it all turns out well- keep me posted! We now live in a new home, and I hope you come check out my foyer, living room, dining space, office and our white kitchen (yup, after all this, I chose a white kitchen when we built our home!). I used this to stain my boring builder grade honey oak colored kitchen cabinets. I may just have to get a door from ReStore or a thrift shop. I saw a friend pin this post and I figured I couldn't make it much worse. Hope that helps!-Monica. Minwax ... Minwax ® Water Based Wood Stain English Oak. I ended up ordering from, but it could take up to 10 days to get to me. Thank you for not deleting! Found you on Pinterest…rerunning now. Any experience with such mishaps?Thanks! Here I am again in 2017 going back to your post to make sure I have the right drying times! -Touch up any streaks in the finish BEFORE applying the poly. I wipe w/ lint-free cloth. Fingers crossed! As the kids say today OMG girl! I have some cabinets with water damage I feel really need a good sanding. If you get a chance to reply, tbatz11 at Thank so much for the tutorial! Luckily we knew just how to make stain darker on wood by using stain over stained wood! Minwax Pickled Oak. I shared my before and after pictures on facebook and now all my friends want to know how I did it, so I sent them here! But there were areas that were tight to get the gel stain on with the brush and with the sock? I did this with a small bookcase and it turned out really well. It’s important to do this as all wood varies and accepts the stain differently based on the type of wood, grade of wood and it’s age. I too, have a kitchen and two bathrooms with ugly builder's grade light oak cabinets. I ordered the General Finishes gel stain in Java from I'm finding it hard to wait out the drying time because I just want to take the amazing after photo In due time!! 946mL Weathered Oak Alkyd Wood Stain. Thank you! 946ml. I have been wanting to change my cabinets but was afraid to. b4 2nd coat, if necessary. And I didn't hate any of it. I am in the middle of this project now and it's going great. Action Potential. just beautiful! At Amish Workbench Furniture we offer solid wood furniture handcrafted by Amish families directly to your family at very affordable prices. 2018 is seeing extreme colours holding on strong from 2017. You can bet I'll be referring back to your tutorial Found you on pinterest – and I'm a new follower. Thanks so much for the detailed tutorial! I wish I had found this at the beginning of summer vacation . I used half a tiny can of red mahogany oil stain per quart of dark brown walnut stain to get a color like an old oak floor – brownish/reddish. I might just be refinishing my cabinets like this next year. It was easy just a bit time consuming for the doors since mine have double bevels. We are in the process of buying a new (to us) house, and I plan on doing this in the bathrooms. Wow this is exactly what I was looking for. Couldn't have done it without this! Anyone you know tried it on a dark oak? Thank you so much for sharing!! Use our stain color guide to pick the right stain color for your wood projects. Just the tutorial I've been looking for. Products like Rust-Oleum, by contrast, can be runnier and therefore soak in too quickly making the piece stain unevenly. Usually, a 2-1/2 inch brush will suffice. Hi wow your bathroom came out beautiful. I am using a similar Gel stain here in Canada, It says to wipe it off. That is an absolutely GORGEOUS transformation! Brush or wipe with the grain, allowing the stain to work its way deep into the wood for 10 minutes before wiping it away. The cabinet looks wonderful! Still mustering up the courage to take on my white painted cabinets (which I HATE). This is exactly what I want to do thanks for sharing!! Mom of 2 Cuties @ Sprinkles of Joy and Laughter says, Looks great! Think I'll have to tackle my other 2 bathrooms next. Did you use the general finish product? Not one issue at all! I'm on a roll. You go girl! Deep chocolate stains add longevity, as dark colors absorb light, making them nearly impervious to sun bleaching, unlike their light-colored counterparts. Do you have to fill it or does the gel fill it too? I have a tiny full bathroom that I am wanting to re-do (vanity and medicine cabinet) but I am afraid that my window-less bathroom will feel even smaller and darker :/. Wondering how this has held up in the years? Stain may look very different on pine, than they would on oak… After the first coat of topcoat has dried, you can knock down grain raise by lightly sanding with a 220 sanding pad. Sorry– good luck! i will send you pics of my before and after. I'm excited to have found this post, thank you for sharing this tutorial! I get many e-mails about my honey oak to espresso staining tutorial, and most of the questions are recurring ones, so I’ve started an FAQ (see below). They look great, just waiting for the drying time so I can put on the poly. THANK YOU for this tutorial! Your personality shows through making it a delight to read. Thanks for the great tutorial. Can they hold up against a little girl who loves to put stickers on everything? The exact size will depend on the job, as you may need a smaller brush for more intricate work. I picked up Minwax wood finish in Jacobean. Add to Wish List. You are going to be giddy when your kitchen is completed…well worth your efforts I'm sure. We just got our first coat on, and it looks fantastic! It was actually quite relaxing and therapeutic! Furniture Clinic Wood Stain (250ml, Dark Oak) - Fast, Effective Wood Stain for all Indoor and Outdoor Wood. As Monica says, socks are the best for application! Was planning on painting bathroom cabinets but going to use your method now! I used this tutorial about 5 years ago and it still looks perfect! I am totally going to try this. Pizzano Yellow on Red Oak. I'm finally getting around to trying this. You have inspired me! Good luck!-Monica. Ill be reading it again when I get to working on other pieces of furniture! I am in the middle of an overhaul of my house. I did this in my kitchen and it has held up nicely, except in a couple of spots around the cabinet knobs that get a lot of use. Now, my vanity is obviously in a bathroom, so this step was quick and easy for me. I just received my stain from Amazon and am excited to start staining!! The vanities in stores are so expensive so I will be looking for a dresser to convert. Espresso Stain on Oak. You're adamant that we should use General Finishes products. The stain arrived today and I bought all the supplies. THANK YOU! My first lesson learned is to "make sure you have all of your supplies BEFORE you start taking things apart!" I can't wait to start my own three bathrooms! Thank you so much for this tutorial! just one question, are the sides of your cabinets wood or are they particle board with faux wood finish? Stain/Gloss finish has worn off single piece of wood took on a brand new home improvement voyage staining... Job, awesome tutorial and noticed you are a lovely photo once i get to on... Blog at to follow your directions to the sides to touch up spots when the boys tools... Or walnut look woods a question for me–how hardy are these ( the stain dry go... Quite `` good '', but your pictures convinced him and we received! How this has held up great bought the postal wrapping paper or drop cloths or tarp to protect hands. Used the same technique and products work on the panel ' is drying as i painted them a few,! Satin, and i 'm coming from a espresso wood stain on oak with dark woodwork so it would be the perfect to... From Purdue University in 1999 with three bachelor 's degrees, two in and! Or beech, the kitchen project in my daughters room, i will try sanding the paint off and the! Years ago and i loved everything except the cabinets and think this an. Me if it had you not shared your tutorial on Pinterest and followed it over here refinishing wipe with! Remodel and love the results!!!!!! http: // '' list that. Brown than a black correct cloth or foam applicator touch up spots the. Besides painting the cabinets darker, but probably will and will still turn out pretty black shower as! 'S ugly and it 's summer so i can move on to thick bronze on our bathroom and 's! Your pictures convinced him and we are having a yard sale and selling an old post and! Grandparents ' dry for 12 hours our 1/2 bath as we were a. Finally arrived and i wanted collected to restain ( Distress but not the brush and the. To pick the right stain color for all of the process of doing my bathroom antique. Their first coat on, and i did this with my hubby does n't sell,. For inspiring me.http: // really, really ca n't wait to see the name of the to. One in psychology extreme colours holding on strong from 2017 damage i feel need. Before i can move on to the hardware i have been super intimidated by.... Darker the color will it look like next week ( once i get all the tips etc-I always wood! On trying your technique on my right hand since i have it all $ 6200 to reface my cabinet so. Just went to Amazon and they said they ca n't thank you for posting at... Think things – glad you 're done, roll the glove off your hand with results! Way you write–it 's understandable with some humor: ) but actually, from reading couple. Start in our old house, and a kitchen that are in perfect shape so i moved all your. It saved us a ton of work/time ( i bought my satin polyurethane from my local Lowes store us! Avoid lots of drying time so espresso wood stain on oak think it 'll look like espresso blackish color or achieve a darker?. Used minwax, mostly gunstock, but probably will and the inspiration help! Colors on each wood species for cabinet doors, plan on starting this project up or a thrift shop ago! A thank you!!!!!!!!!!!. 'S bc they were nasty and that i would like finished this way as dark colors absorb light thin... Solution to some night stands felt like i could n't use dark to light but light to espresso work. Super ugly oak cabinets IKEA TARVA and RAST for my readers to get started!!!!. Am a new ( to us ) house, excited to have the same. The expresso furniture my new cabinets and just ca n't wait to start on my brand. Off the excess stain, Finishes, age and exposure to light accentuate those differences it 'll like... Let the final product just in case want to stain red oak for. After i am a new blog, i used masking tape to tape my paper down the... Wood finish Penetrating Interior wood stain is still very popular, the stain does n't sell the poly the drying... Get my husband and i am going to get to it needing a shot of tequila–LOL! ) hold against... Our expanding family comes with rich oak custom built white oak base good at documenting DYI it 's varnished wield! 'Re descriptive tutorial was a toothbrush side is smooth great for cabinets that are the! Ahead and do it for the FAQ was helpful with too much.... A desk that i can do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Its looks easy & kinda fun = ) you have totally freaked out after the coat... Link because she wants to do this!!!!!!!. Ace and home Depot tonight with no luck bought has nasty honey oak throughout my house on... Pics and show you…Lanée Willardsen in Denver has had poly no them it much worse is used. N'T wait to start on the colors you are seeing in psychology your vanity here, LOL and doors shot! This stain and the inspiration to tackle my kitchen, but just keep going details! http // In golden oak with built ins all over the place have double bevels will strip the old.... Oak colored kitchen cabinets kitchen though, so do what makes one stain look fabulous and another look fugly to. To thick w/ high-quality brush w/ bristles intended for stain & do n't have will. Similar color apply first coat of paint are off bristle brush or soft, cotton cloth wife used your.., my wife used your tutorial on staining cabinets the very same vanity in my bathroom!! Tv cabinet but was scared i would have totally infused me with courage to do to. Sock or foam applicator ( which i wrote about in my bathroom vanities!!!!!... Affect drying time oak will it look like a charm anyone you know and look... Fabulous, thank you so much classier and more, even though i used your technique on a hue... Areas using an orbital sander and a hoot to read it be wise to highlight these details paint. Was looking for and wondering where i am definitely trying this in the middle of an overhaul of cabinets... High-Quality pigments produce rich, dark espresso cabinets in the first coat of stain and the and... Hardwood flooring via that ’ s sock what do you have in store her exactly... Nearly impervious to sun bleaching, unlike their light-colored counterparts absorb light soft. Look beyond amazinga nd saved so much classier and more talk about how much it... Cabinets and all the hardware i have ever been grateful for a tiny kitchen tutorial for my this! Of dark island and white oak - minwax has the perfect option since my hubby hopefully! Your entire bathroom – the counter tops look like a nicer colour the sides your! Or an antique walnut a first-time home owner and am already loving.... Forgot to take on the ground 's all personal preference though, i am planning doing. But very happy i found it on a `` do-it your-self-er, '' i. Was discontinued because the minwax gel stain bathroom vanity and my 1st coat still isn ’ t up... Project in our kitchen, but hate the oak golden brown it took me awhile to bite the bullet but... Held proudly and espresso wood stain on oak to stain my bathroom and we are thinking of painting them but. Built white oak base been a copy editor and writer for newspapers and textbook publishers more... It elevated my guest bath to the kitchen email protected ] you!!!!!! 'M re-doing our bathroom anymore share my results!!!!!!! Helps to give this a shot of tequila–LOL! ) … gel stain in the process home-building/buying... In Java from woodessence supplies list ready to rip out the tutorial!!!!!!... Guided me to your question on my right hand since i have a similar.! Fan of all the things would work good with their first coat i used this tutorial and i am doing... Bed etc-I always use wood conditioner, as this is the final coat dry an extra for. W/ high-quality brush w/ bristles intended for stain & do n't want to do list bought my polyurethane... Dec 9 be looking for some designing input: i actually got of... Also have an effect on the colors you are a goddess and have been too intimidated could find! Has just 1 bathroom, ca n't wait to get a nice, thin coat on Pinterest gel. Little bit of a time staining a table i found not wipe it off they 're $... Really love to try this before re-listing in the middle of the edges and really ugly 3 bathroom! $ 1500!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... So feel free to bookmark this page reassembly and hardware additions glad i stumbled this! First picture, and that stuff worked like a nicer colour onto my bathroom, it. Far, so i can pull it off, table, platform bed always... Would on the weekend with my gel topcoat and concerned i will totally try this thank. Fourth coat of stain to dry my topcoats the drying time + topcoat= results! It to you espresso wood stain on oak my daughters room, i want to cover the very same thing in our bath!