He got more attention when he appeared in the indie film, Lost in Translation. Family: He divorced his first wife Margaret Kelly in 1996 due to his affair with Jennifer Butler, whom he married in 1997 then divorced in 2008. Related Biography: Margaret Kelly (swimmer) (born 1956), British swimmer; Margaret Kelly (pharmacologist) (1906–1968), American pharmacologist; Margaret Skillion (née Kelly), sister of Australian bushrangers Ned Kelly and Dan Kelly; Margaret Kelly, first wife of Bill Murray; See also. Bill Murray has been married twice. '"(No word on if they ever got tacos. Margaret Kelly is well known for being the ex-wife of Bill Murray. People knew that Bill could act in comedies yet his work in genuine dramas came as a wonderful astonishment. Actor Bill Murray has enjoyed a long Hollywood career that has taken him from the 1970s-era sketches of Saturday Night Live to iconic films such as Lost In Translation, Caddyshack, and Groundhog's Day. The comedian has also led an interesting personal life, randomly showing up to crash karaoke parties and read poetry to construction workers. Murray has not commented on his son's arrest. That same year, a neighbor called police on St. Patrick's Day because "Butler-Murray allegedly got drunk and two of her kids ran over to a neighbor's house for help," per The New York Post.Â, Neither Bill nor Jennifer were ever formally charged with anything, and by June 2008, their divorce was finalized. In 1997, following Bill Murray's divorce from first wife Margaret Kelly, he married Jennifer Butler, a costume designer with whom he'd had an affair. Bill engaged in extramarital relations with a lady named Jennifer Butler, prompting his separation from Margaret in 1994. The couple -- … The “Lost In Translation” actor also led a toast to Homer, 34, the eldest of Murray’s children with first wife Margaret Kelly. He has a biological elder brother named Homer. He has created a career of excellent films that have been praised and hailed by fans and critics. Just three years later, in 1996, Murray divorced from his wife, Margaret Kelly. On an assignment to cover the national Groundhog Day holiday, and its mascot Punxsutawney Phil, Phil becomes trapped in a perpetual time-loop, reliving the same day over and over again. Luke followed in his father's affection for sports and pursued a career in that field. The beloved comedian and actor put Margaret in the public eye when he decided to marry her. The split came when Bill was having a slight plunge in his career. When asked if that gets lonely, Murray said, "I don't think I'm lonely," while admitting that it would "be nice to go to some of these things and have a date. Murray and Jennifer divorced in 2008 and are also parents to Jackson, 24; Cooper, 23; and Lincoln, 19. Following Murray's affair with Jennifer Butler, the couple divorced in 1996. "Â, This cantankerous A-lister, who reportedly uses a 1-800 number instead of agents, recently popped back into the spotlight after a memorable Groundhog Day-inspired Jeep commercial during Super Bowl LIV. They reportedly met during the filming of 1988's Scrooged and raised four sons together. During the filming of Stripes, Murray married Margaret Kelly on Super Bowl Sunday in Las Vegas on January 25, 1981. While the character almost drives himself mad trying to get out of the time … Following Murray's affair with Jennifer Butler, the couple divorced in 1996. The comedian and actor put Margaret in the spotlight when he chose to wed her. She gave birth to two sons. Kelly Bryant 6 days ago. She was born in 1960 in the state of New York. Their two children, Homer and Luke were both born in 1985. Bill Murray. He has two more boys, Homer, 22, and 19-year-old Luke, with his first wife, Margaret Kelly. Besides three siblings, Jackson also has two half-siblings from his father’s first marriage with Margaret Kelly. In fact, Bill was previously married to Margaret Kelly and they also had two kids named Homer and Luke Murray. "Â, theatre arts at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College. Bill was a gigantic social symbol as a result of the films he made during the 80s. They wanted a second ceremony to give their families a proper wedding gathering. Divorce and Sole Custody To Jennifer Butler. ... margaret kelly murray photo: bill murray movies: bill murray groundhog day: bill murray wife: homer murray: cooper murray: jennifer butler: bill murray net worth: 10 results. Murray also shares two sons with his first wife Margaret Kelly, Homer, 38, and Luke, 35. After a slight log jam during the 90s, Bill revived his career during the 2000s with increasingly dramatic roles. Margaret gave birth to two sons, Homer and Luke. Margaret Kelly supported her family as a housewife while her husband, Bill Murray had an established career as an actor. Rather than turning into an actor like his father, Luke proceeded to turn into an assistant basketball coach for Xavier University. His role as a stoner maintenance person for a golf course in Caddyshack stays one of his most paramount performances. It was Super Bowl Sunday 1981 — a day Murray supposedly views as a national holiday.Â, Kelly said the elopement was Murray's brainchild. Bill is an enormous sports fan so it appeared well and good that he would plan to have his big day on Super Bowl Sunday. "I know what it's like to be that stranger's voice calling in," he admits. Maggi Kelly, American water polo player Margaret gave birth to two sons Homer and Luke. Bill Murray's wife, Jennifer, has filed for divorce, claiming the comedy icon physically abused her, ... (and one of whom actually predates his divorce from his first wife, Margaret Kelly).