Matouk Milagro Bath Towel. This post was originally published on August 16, 2018, and was last updated on December 10, 2020, to reflect current prices and offerings. Any insight? Matouk’s best-selling towel and a miraculous addition to the bath experience - the Milagro Bath Rug is woven from luxurious long-staple cotton “zero-twist” yarns, resulting in an incredibly lightweight towel that still feels thick and plush. Therefore, it’s more expensive than non-organic options, but worth the higher price if you want something that’s made of organic materials and produced in ethical conditions. $10.00 (231) Free Delivery. I’m very happy with my white Pottery Barn Hydrocotton bath towels. My Milagro towels aren’t as soft as the day I got them but I’ve had them for a few years now and they’re definitely still softer than other towels I’ve had in the past – good to know that you had a different experience. They’re also a longtime favorite of Maxwell Ryan, our Founder and CEO. They have held up through kids , too many washes and almost 15- 18 years of abuse. I’ve been washing mine in the regular cycle (usually with warm water and sometimes with hot) and drying them on medium and they have done just fine in the few months that I’ve had them. We have a top loading machine and I want a great towel that will hold up to being “agitated” not just flopped and tumbled in a side loader. Happy new year! $497.99 - $547.99. You’re not the only one, Karl. Don’t even bother with Macy’s The Hotel Colection’s towels. Glad you found it helpful! Hi Diana – I did look into Pottery Barn towels and there are many reviews from people who absolutely love them but I also read quite a few reviews from people who weren’t happy with them so I wasn’t sure what to think! I am redoing my bathroom and new towels are on the list for me. I have the Matouk Milagro and I loved them up until the point when my hubby added bleach to the washer. Tower Expandable Bathtub Tray . I am a participant in several affiliate advertising programs (including the Amazon Associates program) and earn fees from qualifying purchases. Do not use bleach or fabric softener. Since I’m looking for new towels this page has been awesome! They are very heavy and just too thick to suit me. Rit whitener seems to have a blue tint as well. free shipping. Milagro Bath Towel, Set of 2. If you'd like to use any of my images, please request their use via my Contact page. We have Macy’s Hotel Collection and enjoy those. Not only that, but it also just looks really good too, which doesn’t hurt. I normally take a microfiber towel that absorbs more, weighs less and dries fast, only if there is a doubt of me getting a clean towel. Thanks for the input – how disappointing that they changed such a great product! more. Its the first one that goes into any detail at all. Is there a favorite brand of towel that you swear by? Will definitely look into the Matouk and Sferra towels. For more information, see my full disclosure statement {here}. Who It’s Best For: Those who want to stick to a budget; those who dislike ultra plush towels. They last a long time, too—we have a friend who has had these for three years and still swears by them. I see little reference to that aspect in this well-done article. (Read more about this certification (and why it’s important.). So I just carry the lightest possible towel. Most of these were not luxury towels yet the criteria they used for judging was eye opening. Available to ship January 27. Let us know what you think about your new towels Jacques – I’d love to hear your opinions on their absorbency! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. My Matouk towels have actually held up really well and are still soft and plush after frequent use for two years. A modern update to traditional Turkish towels, Serena & Lily’s Fouta towel is lightweight, aesthetically pleasing, and absorbent. Hope that helps! I’ve spent endless hours experimenting and researching solutions. Thank you for this post. How do you keep the Matouk white towels looking nice? Matouk’s Milagro bath towels available {here}, Restoration Hardware’s 802-Gram Turkish Bath Towels. $24.99. Matouk. I spent less time researching my last car purchase! 01/22/2021 . Well, I’ve been buying and learning about towels in the past year Good Housekeeping did some testing–extensive testing- of towels that we can buy at our local store or at places like Land’s End. There's a selection of bath mats available to suit all bathroom dimensions and styles. Plus, it holds up well after several months of washes. Organic Relaxed Linen Duvet Cover. Plus, all of their packaging can be recycled or repurposed. We’ve tried multiple towels from multiple sources and none of them have the level of absorbency that we’ve come to rely on, and they’ve all been returned (at least 5 different brands now). But not all bath towels are created the same, and we can all agree that there are so many options out there. The bamboo towel is definitely new to me. Hi Jessica, I’ve had the Cuddledown and Matouk towels for about two years now and they have both held up really well and stayed soft and absorbant. Don’t waste your money. I would like to try these in white. Matouk Regent Bath Towel Set (10) $199.00 Sale $145.00 (27% OFF) Best Seller; LOYALLISTS TAKE $25 OFF EVERY $150: APPLIED IN BAG; Quick View. That’s so disappointing! Good to Know: Keep an eye out for discounts and coupons to score an even lower price. Sorry that happened to your cozy towels – bummer! As an update, I’ve now had these towels for six years now and still highly recommend them! I don’t use much bleach because we have a lot of iron in our water and the combination of the two can stain my laundry. Material: 100% Cotton; Product Care: Machine wash warm. Bath mat type and material. Reviews from customers who have bought these towels are almost universally glowing and I’m extremely happy with my purchase as well. Except she said this didn’t happen on the Ralph Laren Towels so it’s to do with the Matouk dyes not being set. Choose from traditional fabric bath mats made from fast-drying microfibre, cotton, terry towel and flannel, or even luxurious Egyptian cotton. Pre-soaking them, even overnight, in washing soda, borax, dishwashing soap, baking soda, and vinegar did not fully restore them to match the towels. Gift store in Gainesville and Ocala, Florida. Milagro Bath Towels. It has always been my wish that some one would test all of the designer towels. Fresh New Towels for Guests! Tumble dry medium heat. Add To Registry Add To Cart. It’s good to remember that a lower GSM doesn’t mean lower quality—it just means the towel has a lighter weight (and most likely dries faster). Also, after laundering, the washcloths they look like dirty rags next to the bath towels. Buy Now. Those are my top picks but I’d also love to hear from you guys! Who It’s Best For: Those who want luxury. Is absorbency more of a “guy thing”? Learn how your comment data is processed. We got ribbed Crate & Barrel towels when we got married more than 10 years ago and they’ve been stellar. I’m not sure about the best towels but I can say that I have both the Cuddledown and Matouk towels I mentioned in this post and they’re both soft and plush. Enjoy your wonderful new towels – they are a luxury that are so worth it! Since the time that I first wrote this post, I’ve also gotten some of Cuddledown’s Bamboo Towels c/o Cuddledown and they are wonderfully luxurious as well. (post includes affiliate links – see my full disclosure statement {here}). It’s an amazing towel and 4 years in looks as good as new. That helped some, but they are still darker that the white towels. My Abyss towels look as good now as the day I purchased them. Best Brands mixed with unique finds in gifts, ladies accessories, jewelry, home, and tabletop. I noticed that too with the instructions but chose to ignore them (I can’t imagine washing towels on gentle!). Their Lauren Ralph Lauren Sanders bath towel is an editor favorite. Choose size. Thanks for sharing Chantal! Sale $14.00 - $80.50 (30% OFF) MORE; Best Seller; Quick View. Just wondering if you looked at any of the towels from Pottery Barn? Posted In: bathrooms, favorite things 57 Comments. The Cuddledown Bamboo towels are touted for the softness and their absorbency, which is superior to pure cotton towels because of the use of bamboo. $49. Out of all the towels we tried, this is the one we keep reaching for weeks later—and it’s only gotten better with washing. They’ve been washed a ton and are still in great shape and have stayed soft. So when Janet said she loves Nordy towels, it didn’t help me much since they have so many types. BABY BLUE PIN STRIPES; AQUA ; CHARCOAL … We independently select these products—if you buy from one of our links, we may earn a commission. So we’ve compiled a list of our favorites, at all different price points, to help you choose the best one that works just for you. No you don’t need them so soft that they don’t absorb, right? Matouk’s Milagro bath towels available {here}! The double-weave makes them a bit plusher than other Turkish towels, and they’re still holding up after several months. I have them in white so can’t speak to how well they keep their color. Sorry Jody – I haven’t tried the Doga towels! Any ideas? Simply put, bath sheets are just larger bath towels, and they’re best for taller people or those who really like to wrap themselves up in their towel. Thanks for sharing your love for Nordstrom’s towels Janet! Who It’s Best For: Those who like the look of Turkish towels but want something slightly more substantial; those who live in warmer climates and need something fast-drying and absorbent. Do you wash yours in the regular cycle with warm water? Maybe they would hold up a bit longer by following the gentle/delicate recommendations but I want my towels to get really clean and not be in the dryer for an hour The only thing I can’t speak to is color fading – I bought white towels so I don’t know whether changing the washing/drying recommendations would result in color fading. Matouk Towels are crap. Not the one with the texture, but the original towels. Use cold water, no liquid fabric softener, EVER on any fine linens and these towels will look the same as the day you bought them! I’m thinking they might take too long to dry on “Delicates,” so perhaps “Medium” would be best? $24.00. People forget things like a Turkish towel may dry quicker than an Egyptian towel, but if the Turkish towel is 800 to 900 GSM and the Egyptian towel is 600 to 700 GSM this may no longer be true. $49.00 (17) Free Delivery. (Read more about this certification (and why it’s important. She has been writing for AT for three years. Ralph Lauren’s Sanders towel is mid-weight and soft, with a ribbed cotton dobby and a turned hem. I too am curious how the Matouk or bamboo towels held up. Thanks so much for sharing your experience! We had some bamboo towels that were soft and fluffy until the first wash. Honorable Mention: Target’s Made By Design bath towels, which cost just $6 and have a slightly plusher feel. Any companies out there reading this? Good to Know: These towels are expensive. Thanks again–your reviews were very helpful in making my choice. They’ve stayed nice and fluffy and soft unlike other towels I’ve had that get thinner and scratchier with age. Bath towels are typically 52″ x 27″ while bath sheets are around 60″ x 35″ (most of the options on this list fall somewhere in between). How to Decorate Shelves & Bookcases: Simple Formulas That Work! Free Delivery. I would love to hear your thoughts on both the Matouk’s Milagro or Cuddledown’s Bamboo. We tested a wide range of bath towels for our list, judging them on the follow criteria: We know, we know—Parachute again? Sad that RH continues to jack prices while compromising the quality of their product. Thanks for this post-it’s helpful. We first tried them years ago and still prefer them over many of the more expensive brands we’ve tried since. Karen . WHITE; IVORY; Nordstrom Hydrocotton Washcloth. The other towels she used were black. Pretti.Cool Concrete Soap Dish. Please stop back in a few months and let us know how you like your towels! But it’s time to get news and they’re no longer made. Who knew finding the “best” towels could be so confusing? Hate to hear that you had a bad experience with them. I really don’t like it when our towels aren’t dry the next day. $98. They start off being soft but about a year in they become really scratchy despite vinegar washes. The White Company’s Luxury Egyptian Cotton Towels, 100% cotton with hygro twist loops for softness and absorbency, 100% long-staple cotton with a puckered texture, Fair Trade Certified; GOTS certified; OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified, OEKO-TEX Standard 100 and Made in Green certified. Hi Karl! I find low absorbency very annoying. Reviews from customers who have bought these towels are almost universally glowing and I’m extremely happy with my purchase as well. When it comes to weight, towels are measured by GSM (grams per square meter). Hi. We bought a new set and thought it felt different and when we got home, sure enough the old ones were much better. The only downside is that it does come at a higher price. $10.00 (231) Free Delivery. I adore the towels from The Turkish Towel Company ( — very soft and last forever. Good to know! Thanjs Kris for doing my research! I’ve bought many of their plush towels over the years and they simply don’t hold up like they used to. I don’t want to have to continually rub to get dry. Good to Know: This towel is pretty lightweight and a tad textured, so skip if you prefer fluffiness. Also Nowadays in most places, clean towels are available in the rooms. I purchased the Milagro, and they are amazing. Thanks, Diana. Your blog is so great! I am wondering how they dry between uses. I visited Bloomingdale’s this morning and came away with the Abyss Super Lines. They have never been the same . If price is the most important factor to you, we heartily recommend Bed Bath & Beyond’s Wamsutta towels. Thanks so much for letting us know – I think the Milagro care instructions say not to bleach them but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t thought about doing it to my towels. Nordstrom. Another word you’ll see a lot on this list? How are you liking your towels and how are they holding up in the wash? I would also be interested in an Egyptian towel, not too thick, such as 600 to 700 GSM (for quicker drying). They did shed quite a bit in the dryer the first few times they were washed but I think that’s pretty typical. Thanks. Along with my morning cup trough of coffee, it’s now one of the things that helps gets this anti-morning person out of bed each day.