How to mix. To make your own Kahlua-style liqueur, you’ll need to start with equal parts white rum, sugar, and strong, brewed coffee. It has deteriorated in quality to the point where it’s no longer as enjoyable to consume, but it is not unsafe. This means that Kahlua cannot last as long as other hard liquors like whisky and vodka. But if the taste is only somewhat suboptimal, it should still work quite well in drinks. If the long lifespan of Kahlua has you intrigued, this article will answer all your questions about what it is made from, why it can remain so shelf-stable, how best to store it, and a few other pertinent liqueur questions. Fresh and flavorful Kahlua means you’re free to enjoy it. This lower alcohol level as well as the introduction of diary and caramel decreases the potential shelf life of the drink. It’s obviously not straight alcohol, considering it has coffee in it, so how much alcohol is in Kahlua? However, it’s not that short either. Jocelyn at Grandbaby Cakes recommends melting white chocolate into the milk before blending it with ice cream, Irish cream and Kahlua for a decadent treat. 1 decade ago. If you like, caramel or vanilla extract. It then needs to be harvested, rested, and roasted. Kahlua, like other liquors, has a long shelf life. Does Kahlua Expire? Kahlua was originally invented in Veracruz, Mexico, and, in Nahuatl, one of the indigenous languages of the region, it means “house of the Acolhua people.” The Acolhua were a sister culture to the Aztecs. The ingredients are very similar to Kahlua, and the shelf life is arguably the same. Hey, I'm Jaron and I'm a self-proclaimed food expert and author of this website! If everything seems to be okay with the Kahlua, which will almost always be the case, give it a taste. Like other liqueurs, such as Amaretto, Kahlua is unlikely to go bad in a way it’s unsafe to drink. It will last indefinitely if the bottle is unopened, but the flavor will slowly start to disintegrate over many years. However, like beer, certain liquors can "go bad." The flavor and aroma are most sensitive to air exposure, however, so you do want to keep your bottle sealed tightly once it has been opened. It’s conventional wisdom that the flavor in Kahlua and other coffee liqueurs begins to fade after 4 years (opened or not). The flavor and quality of Kahlua will degrade very slowly over time, regardless of where or how it is being stored. Though some bottles can last beyond the shelf lives indicated above, the flavors will often have suffered. Their Ready-to-Drink bottles are all made with milk concentrates or proteins. Homemade Kahlua will last up to 4 years after you first made it, provided you used clean, sterile production methods and store it, sealed, in a cool, dry location. However, it won’t ‘go bad’ by growing mold or fermenting. That means that 3-year-old Kahlua that’s opened for two weeks will likely taste better than a 3-year-old Kahlua opened for 6 months already. That said, it’s always a good idea to store any alcohol out of direct sunlight and away from direct exposure to heat. Do’s. As it has been mentioned above, yes, it goes bad. The pantry or the cellar is usually the best place, but a cabinet in the kitchen works too. After the party, you threw the half-open bottle back into the cupboard, where it sits for a few months already. I have had a 1.75 litter bottle of Kahlua Mudslide Mix in my fridge since august, so like 5 or 6 months. These days, it’s produced in Italy. Now, I might not have the most acquired taste, and I might not be a professional chef, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have some great ideas and strategies. Amaretto won’t go bad in terms of becoming unsafe to consume, but once the bottle is opened, it should be enjoyed within 5 years to ensure the best flavor and aroma. "expire" I have an unopened bottle of Kahlua Coconut Mudslide - code is Kahlua, mudslide mix 7480602202 3. You may not enjoy the flavor as much as before, but it will not be dangerous or unsafe to drink. There are no ingredients that will spoil easily, so it can be stored in any cool, dry location, such as your liquor cabinet. Whatever you don’t drink can be stored just like the original Kahlua beverage. Since it’s a liqueur, many people assume that it can go bad quite quickly. After that, it will still be safe to drink, but it may not be as flavorful.